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CASE STUDIESCASE STUDY is an analysis of your site, local council requirements and all predictable constraints affecting your project. It also gives an approximate cost indication.
CONCEPTUAL DESIGNCONCEPTUAL DESIGN is pretty much a confrontation between your dreams and the case study. This is when a beautiful and functional form emerges from our words and thoughts.
COUNCIL SUBMISSIONSCOUNCIL SUBMISSIONS are the drawings and documents required by your local council in order to give their approvals and certifications. This is when we introduce the design to the world.
3D VISUALISATIONS/STUDIES3D VISUALISATIONS and STUDIES are needed to communicate the design in a precise and realistic manner. Councils require a shadow study/diagram as a part of DA submission. This is also an amazing way to see the complete design before we start building it.
DESIGN DEVELOPMENTDESIGN DEVELOPMENT is a process when our concept design is translated into technical language in order to communicate with the builder, authorities and other consultants.
PROJECT COORDINATIONPROJECT COORDINATION is making sure that everybody involved in the process understand the design, that their input works well with the design and that all is in our favour.
PROJECT DOCUMENTATIONPROJECT DOCUMENTATION is creating a set of precise drawings and specifications for the authorities, the builder, subcontractors and suppliers, which is also a legal document based on which our project is being run.
PROJECT ADMINISTRATIONPROJECT ADMINISTRATION is ensuring that all parties involved in your project fulfil their tasks properly, on time and in the right sequence. It is also problem solving and keeping record of all decisions and information being passed on or through.
CONSULTATIONCONSULTATION is my help to you on any stage of your project. This is to help you understand how your dreams can come true and how this is going to impact your life and the environment.
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